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Recaptcha on Selenium

  • hi
    i saw the tutorial to how solve recap in selenium but i think its not working or idk

    i use :
    document.getElementById('g-recaptcha-response').innerHTML = '<cap>';

    but it wont work,is there anything wrong??

    as i should say recaptcha respons code name is 'g-recaptcha-response' in post data and np about this

  • Admin

    Why do you care about the post data if you're using selenium?

  • sorry i wrote wrong i was means execute js i typed wrongly post data
    no matter it fixed,thanks for you support

  • Sorry for bumping this, but I have the exact same problem. I dont understand your broken english but im using the exact same code.
    I solve the captcha but it doesnt complete the captcha on the browser. thanks in advance

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