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Changes incoming... and a new feature

  • Admin

    Hey guys,

    I don't know if you've been watching the develop branch on openbullet's github repo but I'm currently refactoring a huge part of the codebase, implementing some patterns and amending to all the horrifying code I wrote when I didn't know better ^_^

    Hopefully it's going to become more readable and easily editable, but the amount of code I'm changing might make some new bugs appear so please let me know of anything weird you start seeing that was working before my changes.

    Also, as you read in the title, a new feature is coming and I'm very excited about it. I don't want to anticipate anything but I'm sure especially developers are going to love it.

    Take care, Ruri out.

  • Admin

    Hey, I'm currently very busy so I cannot release the new feature yet, please hang on. Also I would like to ask people who can code to come forward and fix smaller issues with OpenBullet since I have less and less time to fix bugs and implement features. That would be a great help and you would do a favor to me and to the community, just remember to respect the existing codebase.

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