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OB Mods/Forks - Github

  • Hello,

    I hope you don't mind but I wanted to discuss the future of OB and it's mods/forks. I'm a new user, but I noticed there was some other versions on github. The main 2 versions I was interested in was the original by yourself, and a fork by a user called Forlax.

    Side-stepping whatever politics seem to be going on within the comments, could you clear something up for me.

    Are there any major differences between the versions. As far as I can tell, the version by Forlax includes an option to encrypt configs, asides from that is there anything else worth mentioning?

    I only ask this because if I use the original OB it's startup time is almost instant, however when I run Forlax's version, it seems to hang for 30-60 seconds on startup.

    Also, I read a message on github from Forlax, saying he will begin working on the official OB repo. Is this correct?



  • Admin

    Hey, there are 4 main differences, I'll try to lay them out on a table for you.

    Official Forlax Mod
    Max. number of bots 200 1000
    Proxy scraping capabilities Only by setting up proxy sources With buttons from the proxy manager
    Config encryption None Very weak encryption, breakable with a simple tool
    Updates Yes Who knows, he was gone for a good while

    And other minor stuff.

    Also I have no plans on working with him, but if he wants to start submitting decent PRs I will merge them. Anyone can do that, Open Source is good for this reason, anyone can start working on OpenBullet!

    Regarding the "politics" you mentioned, I just had to ban some people from accessing the official repo because they were posting bugs of the modded version which I naturally don't support.

    Forlax also just recently released his entire source code, his mod was closed source before, he had a github just to post releases but never posted the actual code, so that's another thing I don't like.

    The team known as Paradox is trying to make an "OB Reboot". Their coder, Pure, took Forlax's source code and tried to change some stuff, adding an auto updater as well. He merges my updates regularly so his version has all the fixes I make to the official one too. He is currently implementing his own config encryption with Forlax's help.

    Other versions I saw are one that is sold commercially and another one with the .lolim extension, which is easily breakable as well.

    If you would like to know more, feel free to ask. I suggest you stick to the official version if you don't want any surprises, because this way you can see the whole source code and anything malicious that can get added to it would get spotted in the blink of an eye!

  • I just wanted to point out that my project didn't really go as I planned so for now I will be helping ruri with the original repo, I think this is going to be better for everyone and less confusing.

  • Two heads are better than one, we need unbreakable encrypted config, the extension would be loliRuFor or loliForRu 🙂

  • Admin

    @Charles encryption on an open source client is not feasible mate, one could just add 1 line to dump the config to a file while it's unencrypted in memory and all my efforts would be futile ^_^ I hope you can understand this. If you want encryption you have to go for obfuscation on the client-side and a closed source.

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