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selenium submit bottom

  • hi
    in my config its my submit

    <input type="submit" value="Jetzt anmelden" class="btn -primary">

    so i use class="btn -primary" in element with submit action but its not happen
    how can i knows the submit bottom to the element with another way?

    (login page is not different page and its inside the main index page )

  • Admin

    You can only submit a <form> not an <input>. For the <input> what you're looking for is the Click action.

  • @Ruri Jesus,u Helped Me too much lol,thanks,i really got problem with this in my all configs,you are the best,if u needed any graphic design in your soft,u can call me

  • EXECUTEJS block can fill the input and click a button also

    document.getElementBy_____("the_element").value = "what you want to put"
    document.getElementBy_____("the_element").click() to click

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