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Grab a variable out of ExecuteJS

  • Hello,

    How can i grab a variable from ExecuteJS block

    and re-use as variable in loliscript

    for ex:
    after navigating to
    i tried EXECUTEJS "var store = JSON.stringify(ObjectX)"
    PRINT "<store>"


  • Admin

    You can't.
    The only way to grab it is to generate an element and add it to the DOM (through the ExecuteJS block) and set your data as an attribute of that element, so you can then retrieve it with an ElementAction block.

  • there is also the was to document.write(whatiwanttograb) or document.cookie += whatiwanttograb

    another question/request
    working with selenium outside of OB, i was able to executejs and return the value and save it to a variable
    i already did this many time with python + selenium

    so dont you think it is a thing that can be added to ob, since it is already on selenium
    thank you
    best regards

  • Admin

    Yes sure it can be added, just open an issue on github and maybe provide some piece of code (even in another language) ^_^ I was just answering that you can't do that in the current version of OB, not that it cannot be done at all!

  • piece of code sent as message box.
    and i will write the request in github now


  • Hello @Ruri,

    can you add also a way to pass on a variable to EXECUTEJS

    for example to pass on the USER or PASS

    thank you
    best regards

  • Admin

    EXECUTEJS will replace any variable in the script using the usual syntax before actually executing it, so you can type for example

    EXECUTEJS "console.log('<MYVAR>');"

    and it will work

  • yeah, it was my mistake

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