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Selenium Blocks

  • hi
    i made a selenium but there is a problem
    when navigation block going to open the webstie url,website url first go in Cloudflare
    but problem is openbullet dont wait to checking "cloudflare" get End then Go to Next Blocks like "Element Actions" and it go faster to next blocks and result is the other blocks can find what i set in them (like element action with id=email)

    so i want to know how i can set to config wait to site open complitly then go in next blocks?

  • Admin

    You could add a Function block with a delay, or simply an Element Action block with a "WaitForElement" action, so that it waits for a specific element to be displayed on the page.

  • @Ruri
    i tried both
    i set function and typed 10000 in "input" but Function Didnt Worked and didnt wait 10 second (maybe i did something wrong)
    also WaitForElement i set name=email and one time id=email but this one didnt work
    (i should say login address will get redirect like this to can be problem for this?)

  • fixed ,thanks

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