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[Selenium] take custom UserAgents from .txt

  • Hey i have an issue with Selenium User Agents,
    I tryed to tick the "Use Random User Agent" in "Config">"Other Options">"Selenium" but the User Agents are to "old" they not suported by the spotify web player anymore.
    So i came up with the idea to make .txt which contains huge amount of UserAgents and the challege was that each new tread uses the next Line from the .txt.
    is there a way to realize my project?

    thank you very much to everyone who trys to help me out
    best regards

  • Admin

    I don't think that's possible to do right now, because the user agent is specified through a command line argument when the browser is opened. So that would be a thing that I need to implement in the code itself. Please open an issue on github or I will forget.

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