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How to make capture

  • Hello can you some help. I want to send every hit I received with expire_date unlimited status to custom . Тhe action should be at the end of the script and copy all information from the HIT to custom ???

  • Admin

    You just have to add a new keychain with your custom type, and in the keys put a key like <EXP> LessThan <NOW> where EXP is the variable you parsed with your expiration date in unix time format, and NOW is a variable you made with a CurrentUnixTime function block.

  • Вhere to put the new one keychain ? Аt the beginning or at the end of loli script ? Can you example with "expire_date" ?

  • just capture expire information
    make keycheck block in the end of blocks
    make custom and do like this
    <YOUR CAPTURED DATA> ===Less Than=== Date of the Day

    (Means if value of expire was less than 2019, go in custom)

    i think it work but if i said any wrong thing apologize

  • Ruri pls help
    is it possible if Expire: (Single) = Unlimited it's a custom hit and how to do it at the end of the code

  • Admin

    With a normal keycheck or with an IF statement

    IF "<Expire>" EqualTo "Unlimited"
    SET STATUS CUSTOM "MyCustomStatus"

  • worked
    thank you again
    you are the best

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