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Navigate to link from wordlist?

  • Hello,

    I am using openbullet to navigate to a site, and click a button.
    I have tried using your guys' block config builder but for navigation I only saw an option to go to an url
    alt text
    So I went to loliscriptor and found this
    alt text
    However, is it possible to change
    where it says


    so that it navigates from urls in my .txt? (wordlist)
    my txt looks something like this:

    I want it to go to every link, then click a button using this

    ELEMENTACTION Id "NextButton" 

    Is that possible?

  • and when it forwards you to a new site it's a hit

  • Admin

    The answer above is good. Basically you want to have your list of URLs as a wordlist, then in the config script you will do:
    BROWSERACTION Open (to open the browser, if it's already open it will not be opened again)
    NAVIGATE to your <URL> (you must import your wordlist using the URLs wordlist type in the default Environment.ini)
    ELEMENTACTION Click on your element
    Then DO NOT close the browser with blocks, so the next time the bot starts up it will be already open and this will speed up the process quite a bit!

    If you need more information feel free to reply

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