Example from https://openbullet.github.io/examples.html#license

  • I start to learn OpenBullet and here i like to ask very simple question at start. In example there, need to put some lines in WordList(import a 2-line Wordlist) can someone tell me what 2-line i need to put to get success in that example.

  • Admin

    Any wordlist really, since it does not rely on the wordlist at all. Soon I will implement a way to start the runner even without a wordlist or with an auto-generated one.

  • I appreciate for your quick answer, as i understand in wordlist it doesn't matter what i put, i can put for example this kind of sentence

    Now i like to ask you one more question
    when i start the script in debuger mode i get in log file these 3 lines
    <--- Executing Block NAVIGATE --->
    Open a browser first!
    ERROR: Browser not open

    therefore i can't test the script(example suggest to check two boxes(first of all create a Config, go to the Other Options > Selenium tab and tick the two boxes on the left: Always Open browser at the start and Always Close browser at the end.)).
    In that case i need to open browser, but as you can see got error ERROR: Browser not open, how to fix the problem and error.

  • Admin

    Hey, before Navigate you can put a BROWSERACTION Open block. If it prompts you any error, please write it here since I already know the possible solutions (for example putting the chromedriver.exe inside the bin folder or verifying the path to your chrome installation is correct).

  • Hi again, should i need installed Chrome for start your example, I use portable application can i do with it ??
    i get <--- Executing Block BROWSER ACTION --->
    Opening browser...
    OpenQA.Selenium.WebDriverException: unknown error: no chrome binary at C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe

    where to change the path for my Portable Chrome ???

  • Admin

    You can use your portable app, sure, you need to go to Settings -> OB or RL i forgot -> Selenium inside OpenBullet and configure the path to your own chrome.exe file!

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