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Example from

  • I start to learn OpenBullet and here i like to ask very simple question at start. In example there, need to put some lines in WordList(import a 2-line Wordlist) can someone tell me what 2-line i need to put to get success in that example.

  • Admin

    Any wordlist really, since it does not rely on the wordlist at all. Soon I will implement a way to start the runner even without a wordlist or with an auto-generated one.

  • I appreciate for your quick answer, as i understand in wordlist it doesn't matter what i put, i can put for example this kind of sentence

    Now i like to ask you one more question
    when i start the script in debuger mode i get in log file these 3 lines
    <--- Executing Block NAVIGATE --->
    Open a browser first!
    ERROR: Browser not open

    therefore i can't test the script(example suggest to check two boxes(first of all create a Config, go to the Other Options > Selenium tab and tick the two boxes on the left: Always Open browser at the start and Always Close browser at the end.)).
    In that case i need to open browser, but as you can see got error ERROR: Browser not open, how to fix the problem and error.

  • Admin

    Hey, before Navigate you can put a BROWSERACTION Open block. If it prompts you any error, please write it here since I already know the possible solutions (for example putting the chromedriver.exe inside the bin folder or verifying the path to your chrome installation is correct).

  • Hi again, should i need installed Chrome for start your example, I use portable application can i do with it ??
    i get <--- Executing Block BROWSER ACTION --->
    Opening browser...
    OpenQA.Selenium.WebDriverException: unknown error: no chrome binary at C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe

    where to change the path for my Portable Chrome ???

  • Admin

    You can use your portable app, sure, you need to go to Settings -> OB or RL i forgot -> Selenium inside OpenBullet and configure the path to your own chrome.exe file!

  • @Ruri

    Browser opens then instantly closes and gets the same error as above.

    <--- Executing Block NAVIGATE --->
    Open a browser first!
    ERROR: Browser not open

  • same problem here

  • @crackhead359 said in Example from

    same problem here

    You have to add the block BROWSER ACTION before you can navigate


  • Yes I have

    #OpenBrowser BROWSERACTION Open

    #GoToPage NAVIGATE "https://..."

    But it doesnt work

  • I'm not sure which version of OB you use, so in the debugger click log and then start, it will tell you the version its looking for if you're missing it
    if you already have the version it needs then check that the chrome binary path in Settings->RuriLib->Selenium->Chrome Binary Location matches where your chrome.exe is located

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