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TCP Send issues.

  • Hey i'am playing around with TCP specifically IMAP. The issue i have is that whenever i send something in TCP it wait a long time and then simply times out i did add \r\n at the end. I have no clue what i'm doing wrong hope anyone here knows.

    The loliscript im using is:

    TCP Connect "" "993" -> VAR "1" 
    TCP Send "LOGIN test1 test2\\r\\n" WebSocket=TRUE -> VAR "2" 
    TCP Disconnect -> VAR "3" 

    The TCP connect block works fine its just somehow that send doesn't work for me.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Admin

    Why are you using WebSocket mode for an IMAP server? WebSocket is only for the ws or wss protocols, while you're using the IMAP protocol, just remove WebSocket=TRUE and it will work.

  • Admin

    Also you should send the context before you send the LOGIN command, the context can be anything, so the fixed command would be

    TCP Send "anythinghere LOGIN test1 test2\\r\\n" -> VAR "2" 

  • Yeah that worked! thanks you so much!

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