Make OB Work with luminati proxies

  • @Pure @Ruri Help me pls

  • I do not have a solution to your issue. I don't know how you would convert a proxy that requires authorization to not require that anymore. OpenBullet already supports Auth proxies as well as Luminati. This isn't really the place to ask for help on making it work with other programs.

  • @Pure when i use Luminati proxies they work fine but when i specify what country/state to use just retries, I've tested if they work with another program and it works fine with that

  • Why I can't do it work :(.
    Worked in debug, always failed on proxy tester and when I tried to runner it says: the master worker has encountered an error: zero proxies available (after adding all proxies on proxies list, copy and paste them with (http) )

    Any help?

    I'm using 1.1.5 version (latest release)

  • Admin

    I don't see how it is possible. Maybe your config has some "Use SSL proxies only / Use socks only" option checked? In that case remove it.

  • @Ruri No.
    No extra conf for proxies 😞




    I'm adding proxies like:

    In debugger mode it works!

    Need to start proxy manager before or something like that?

    Any help?

  • Admin

    It's probably a bug in OB. I don't have time to fix it now sadly, so I guess you have to wait.

  • @Ruri Thanks for the fast support!~
    I've downloaded the latest version again and put it in a new folder and it worked.
    I compare all config files from the settings folder with my "older" config files and found the property that causes the problem.
    file: RLSettings.json
    property: ReloadSource
    Old value: 2 (doesn't work, causes "the master worker has encountered.....: zero proxies available")
    New value: 0 (worked)

  • Admin

    Ah yes. Because earlier you were telling OB to get the proxies from the remote source, and you probably didn't configure any (or they were down), while now you reload them from the proxy manager. Nice!
    The ReloadSource numbers mean:
    0 = from proxy manager
    1 = from file
    2 = from remote
    you can see them with the normal names in the GUI, while they are stored as integer numbers in the json file.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Openbullet, and most other software can accept Luminati proxies if you format these proxies correctly to be accepted by your chosen application. One of the simplest ways I can think of for you to manipulate our proxies from their service would be to use their provided software Luminati Proxy Manager (LPM). This will allow you to access a locally hosted web administration panel for advanced manipulation, and logging of your proxies.

    In this administration panel you possess the options to easily configure proxies based on <LOCALIP>:<PORT> and be able to configure these proxies to behave in pre-defined ways, all being specific to their own port assignment. For example you could have one proxy which keeps it's static address for atleast 20 requests, however upon recieving 2 bans or retries the proxy will be switched and pull a new IP from the pool back connected to our local gateway address we're using to communicate and relay our requests back to the superproxy node provided to us from Luminati proxies. Now in addition to having this proxy aforementioned we could be running it along side of a proxy <LOCALIP>:<PORT> where this proxy could be cofigured entirely differently, possible returning a new HTTP/s IP upon every web request hence always changing and never remaining of the same value.

    If you format your proxies in this manner you are going to be creating your own proxies set to your liking and you'll have entire control over their behavior. Using gateway addresses which return a new address on every request are very sough t after in cracking as with such a weapon, worrying about proxies becoming banned is a thing of the past.

    Note though; Your proxy list once finished can use a nifty generation function in JavaScript to generate the contents of the text document you'[ll be uploading, that is if you made many duplication's of your proxies listings. Your proxies after completing the method which I am explaining would result sin your proxies resembling the following format within a text file..
    And... So on and so forth. The only value which is dynamical in this excerpt would be the port which the address is having it's inbound and outbound traffic routed through. You do not HAVE to receive HTTP/s traffic or SSL encryption over port 80/8080/443 as some have a misconception that you do, as it is commonly the standard and shows near 0 signs of having benefit of using other ports, this does not mean however since a proxy is using an obscure port number that it cannot support the HTTP/S protocol for routing traffic from point A to B and vice versa. A lot of premium proxy providers will actually format their proxies in which they will be able to handle and respond to any and all protocols they received with proper authorization and run the delivered data from the requests over that protocol seamlessly int he event the authorization is all correct throughout the transit of your data.

    P..s (If you are using gateway addresses which are back-connected to copious amounts of proxies stored in a pool like repo where they are initiated from calls from the superproxy/gateways request; You will need to make a few changes to the default settings in your application before we enter production phase here.)

    You will firstly need to indicate that you do not wish for proxy addresses to be banned under any circumstance since the results would be in a gateway ban of your superproxy address, instead of that which would be to the proxy which the website's server would have had logs of. Also while we are int he settings, enabling concurrent usage of the proxies is recommended in the event you are using proxies which are supporting dynamic address changes on new HTTP/s request.

    I hope the novel of rambling here may be informative to someone whom is seeking knowledge on Luminati, or proxies in general. I could provide more, but I feel as though it's far overdone all ready. If you'd like to speak more or have particular questions you can feel more than welcomed to contact me over Discord or Telegram for asking your questions in the event I'm not available.

    Discord: riy#6967
    Telegram: @cecb2381


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