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Why went with AbortableBackGround Worker?

  • I have Seen that you went with Abortablebackgroundworker which in my experience , IS VERY SLOW, I modded OB to have a 1000 bots and started the runner , but immediate performance issues.

    I developed a basic Forum bruteforcer in delphi ,as a proof of concept, that uses a third party HttpCli (The same one used in SentryMBA), which uses IAsync (i.e. EVENTS and eventhandlers) to convey connections.
    Made up to 5000 bots and the perfromance was amazing...

    So why Not give it a try Ruri , Or C# doesnot have any http library based on Events?
    I think if you do It will make the performance amazing for OB.

    P.S. I am not a C# developer you can call me an amature but I know one thing or two about delphi, If you need My delphi sourcecode I can send it to you happily.

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    The real question is why are you posting screenshots of illegal programs on this forum. As for your question, yes I know doing async requests would be much better but when I made the first versions I did not know much about async programming and now I don't have the time to change it and debug it properly as it's a huge amount of work.

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    Also the fact that it's slow might also be coming from the actual interpretation of the LoliScript code.
    You see, each bot reads the scripts and builds a number of Blocks basing on it, then executes them, and finally exits. On each data line the process is repeated, this causes a huge amount of overhead, considering also the work that needs to be done constantly by the garbage collector. The Runner is not designed to be performant, I am not a senior C# developer and I am eager to improve my skills, this was one of my first big projects but I'm currently very busy and not able to work on anything else than just little bugfixes.

  • First of all , I apolgize for the image , Just wanted to make a point .
    thank you for replaying , And I hope you will find some time someday to introduce Async to OB .
    P.S you are a Senior C# developer 🙂

  • Admin

    I appreciate the compliment, but not really. I started learning C# back in late 2017 so it's only been a little more than 2 years. I still have a lot to learn but right now I'm finishing my master's degree at the university so I have to put that before any of my personal projects. Maybe after I graduate I can think about seriously rebuilding this project as it should have been from the start, but right now I'm afraid to tell you that my time is very limited 😕

  • With the way OpenBullet Handles Connections and threads you will almost always have better performance maxing it at the default 200 bots. (compared to slamming it with 1000) Changing the integer for how far the slider can go is pretty much useless idk why people want that so bad.

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