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Parsing And Capture a Data

  • hi
    alt text

    in the page which i need capture something there is some item
    this is list of items

    <ol class="resourceList">


    each of item are this

    <li id="resource-1504" class="resourceListenItem visible ">

    and in each of this item there is 3 class and in 3th class that i painted circle arount of that there is name of item (href=.....)
    so i want capture that

    thanks if help me to capture with regex or css

  • Admin

    Can you please expand one of the <li> items so we can see what's inside?

  • @ruri it is Sourcelist's Class with One of the item's Class

    <ol class="resourceList" >
         <li class="resourceListItem visible " id="resource-1504">
                     <div class="listBlock resourceImage">
                            <div class="listBlockInner">
                       <a href="resources/servercinematics.1504/" class="resourceIcon"><img src="data/resource_icons/1/1504.jpg?1413710147" alt=""></a>
                       <a href="members/cosmoconsole.20103/" class="avatar Av20103s creatorMini" data-avatarhtml="true"><img src="//" alt="CosmoConsole" width="48" height="48"></a>
                       <div class="listBlock main">
                       <div class="listBlockInner">
                       <span class="extra muted">
                       <a href="resources/servercinematics.1504/download?version=280089">
                       <h3 class="title">
                       <a href="resources/servercinematics.1504/">ServerCinematics</a>
                       <span class="version"></span>
                       <div class="resourceDetails muted"><a href="members/cosmoconsole.20103/" class="username" dir="auto">CosmoConsole</a>,
                       <a href="resources/servercinematics.1504/" class="faint"><span class="DateTime" title="Oct 20, 2014 at 6:59 AM">Oct 20, 2014</span></a>
                       <div class="tagLine">
                       Camera Studio Mod's server-side replica
                       <div class="listBlock resourceStats">
                       <div class="listBlockInner">
                       <div class="rating">
                       <dt class="prompt muted"></dt>
                       <span class="ratings" title="4.36">
                       <span class="star Full"></span><span class="star Full"></span><span class="star Full"></span><span class="star Full"></span><span class="star "></span>
                       <span class="RatingValue"><span class="Number" itemprop="average">4.35714</span>/<span itemprop="best">5</span>,</span>
                       <span class="Hint">14 ratings</span>
                       <div class="pairsJustified">
                       <dl class="resourceDownloads"><dt>Downloads:</dt> <dd>232</dd></dl>
                       <dl class="resourceUpdated"><dt>Updated:</dt> <dd><a href="resources/servercinematics.1504/updates" class="concealed"><span class="DateTime" title="Jun 22, 2019 at 7:00 AM">Jun 22, 2019</span></a></dd></dl>

    in here
    there is a resources/servercinematics.1504 in every item's class
    and i need to capture this


  • You don't necessarily have to get everything in one parser.
    You can make one parser into another.

    Only change the value to be analyzed.
    From <SOURCE> to the variable you created in the previous parser.

  • Admin

    CSS Selector: ol.resourceList li.visible div.listBlock div.listBlockInner span.extra a:nth-child(3)
    Attribute: href
    Please try it and let me know, I did not test it
    After parsing the whole href, you can easily cut the text you do not need with a simple LR parse.

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