Bypass Incapsula and Akamai

  • hi
    is there anyway to bypass these in openbullet?
    i saw a guy bypassed akamai with a script that connected to localhost in OB but im not sure he was right

    so if there anyway

  • Admin

    There is no builtin way to do that. It is possible with other tricks that I am not aware of.

  • @ruri How About Incapsula?

  • Hi, I don't think you understand how Incapsula works, let me explain 🙂

    Let me tell you first to bypass incapsula, you will need to bypass recaptcha. Incapsula brings recaptcha into equation after a certain amount of requests.
    If anyone were able to bypass recaptcha or you can pay for recaptcha, you then will continue to bypass Incapsula.

    Incapsula runs JavaScript code to see if you're using an automated browser, such as Selenium, phantomJS, mechanize etc... and they store a cookie right then and there and make a request with that cookie to send back a bunch of other cookies which all make it possible to access the website.. using those cookies you can now continue your session to the next request on that website.. if you request too fast or at odd intervals, incapsula will bring up another recaptcha... also your cookies expire very fast. You need to be undetectable... if you don't obey the recaptchas PLUS robots.txt and request responsibly you are going to fail.

    Hope I helped.

  • @analyzer
    so the header cookie will change every time
    and recaptcha i cant find,even cant find recaptcha key in incapsula error page and and Bypass CF should Use?

  • bypass akamai is too hard to past it

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