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  • Hello i bought proxy on
    When i run OpenBullet and my script i got like 600-1000 CPM my internet is working fine, i can make everything and no lags. After few minutes i got CPM around 60-80 and my internet is so slow i am waiting like 2min to open youtube. Where is a problem? i got internet 100mb/s my PC is good aswell.
    Its weird becuase 1k CPM 0 lags, 60 CPM internet is so slowly.

  • Likely your Router (which is actually more a NAT Gateway than a router).
    It has to keep an entry in RAM (in the NAT-Table) for every open connection which internal device requested the connection to outside world. (more on this topic here )
    And this RAM fills up and gets fragmented.... So common Home "Routers" can only handle between 100 and 1000 open connections.

    This is one of multiple reasons why i often say = more bots can be very contra-productive.....

  • So what can i do exctaly to make OB better work?

  • At home not much.
    You can basically just use less BOTs or optimize (if possible) the config to do for example less requests get a better Router (though i don't have any recommendation) or theoretically get a really good vpn, as this is basically just one connection to some server somewhere else which has no need for NATting.
    (but VPN also has overhead and also needs more resources for encryption and servers of VPN providers are often overloaded and maybe limit too and so on)

    Or get out of you home and use some Server at some Provider where you can run OB on.
    (btw: OB2 will be able to run on Linux - so much cheaper for same Hardware than Windowsservers)

  • If i will make router on my phone (galaxy s21) the newest model can be better?
    Anyway thanks for ur advices 🙂

  • Likely not, cause i cant imagine that the routing function phones is built for such things. But 🤷 no clue.
    Plus Wifi is always inferior to a wired connection.
    Plus connection over 4G is usually worse than your DSL or Cable or even better fibre connection at home. And usually connections via cellular network don't have much included allowed Data and/or Speed is throttled.

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