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Need help merging 2 parsed data

  • Hello there, so i was wondering if anyone can help me with this
    I wanna merge two parsed variables lists then delete the duplicates.
    As you can see first list of variables is:
    [One two one three four]
    While second list is:
    [Five two one two six]
    I want them to be merged and duplicates removed so the final capture would be like this:
    [ One two three four five six]
    I already tried the zip utility but it mixes second list with the first one without a separator as the pic in shows. So can anybody help me?
    Ps: here's a simple loli script of my own website i uploaded the files so you can work on it. Thank you in advance

  • Admin

    Oh I think now I understand, my bad. You need Concat not Zip.

  • @Ruri and here you go it works perfectly, thank you so much you're truly a genius

  • Admin

    Nah I just didn't understand the first time, I'm probably tired, sorry

  • @Ruri i bet so, specially afted your exams and finishing OB2, you'd be considered as a robot if you didn't feel tired Xd, get a rest my friend & may god bless you for being such a wonderful person

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