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Empty String has a length > 2?

  • So first the code then i explain:

    #PROTOC PARSE "<SOURCE>" LR "Protocol: " "</span>" -> VAR "PROTOC" 

    This is the code to parse and get the length of the Protocol string
    I get this back in the Data Box

    PROTOC (Single) = 
    PROTOCL (Single) = 7

    Now i am wondering why the length is 7 even though the string is empty...

    So i checked with Replace if i can replace " " with "-" to see if there are 7 spaces but that just gives me this

    PROTOC (Single) = 
    PROTOCL (Single) = PROTOC

    What am i doing wrong?


  • Admin

    Maybe it's full of spaces, use the trim block

  • I will check late but thats why i tried to replace " " with "-" but the result was not "-----"

  • Admin

    well it could be tabs as well, or maybe newline characters xD

  • When i use trim i get the Input Variable name as output so its not working
    Now i used a prefix and suffix around the capture and it looks like nothing is in it


    I rly dont know whats the issue here

  • So still dont understand the problem but i find a way around it so thankx anyways

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