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    Use name but tick the recursive checkbox

  • this way it takes them all and the OB hangs. how should I write for only 3 of them. If I don't tick it just takes the first one

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    there is no way to do this in OB1, please wait for OB2
    Well, unless you want to write a regex that is ^_^

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    "name": "([^"]+)".*"name": "([^"]+)".*"name": "([^"]+)"

    and then output [1], [2], [3] and maybe parse them again to a list

  • I'm looking forward to OB 2 bro 🙂

    i am trying this

    "name": "([^"]+)"."name": "([^"]+)"."name": "([^"]+)"

    that didn't work

  • Can I number the values ​​I have listed here?
    maybe it can be solved this way

    UTILITY List "name" Join "" -> CAP "List" 

    In this way, I was able to print the line I wanted.
    but there can only be one

    PARSE "<SOURCE>" JSON "name" Recursive=TRUE -> VAR "Kimden" 
    UTILITY List "Kimden" Join "," -> VAR "Liste" 
    SET CAP "Liste" "<Kimden[7]>" 

    I guess that's how I solved the problem for those who need it

    SET CAP "Liste" "<Kimden[7]>,<Kimden[1]>,<Kimden[2]>" 

    but now I have to sort them as new line
    \ r \ n - Does anyone know if these are not working?
    it didn't work for me

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