Graphql (Post Data)

  • Hello pleas im tried to make a config of a website, but i see a post data different, and i see it on 2 or 3 websites!
    can anyone explain to me what's this and how to bypass it ?
    because i copied the postdata and i paste it and openbullet check it incorrect


    {"operationName":"RequestLoginUser","variables":{"name":"<USER>","password":"<PASS>","captcha":"captcha "},"query":"mutation RequestLoginUser($name: String, $email: String, $password: String!, $captcha: String) {\n requestLoginUser(name: $name, email: $email, password: $password, captcha: $captcha) {\n loginToken\n hasTfaEnabled\n requiresLoginCode\n user {\n id\n name\n __typename\n }\n __typename\n }\n}\n"}

  • Instead of \n write \\n
    the request shall work

  • @Fairy how bro! i didnt understand you?

  • In the example you provided replace \n with \\n and it will work

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