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OpenBullet 2 - Crowdfunding Campaign Start

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    It's finally time.

    OpenBullet 2 has been in the Alpha stage for a while now and it looks like it's ready to be moved to the Beta stage. Before the Beta can start, there is going to be a crowdfunding campaign during which donations will count towards a collective goal to cover part of the development cost of OpenBullet 2.

    The amount we are asking for is 0.12 BTC (around $5.500).
    But don't worry, there will be perks if you donate!

    Donate $10 or more

    • Your name in the credits section of the software (ordered by amount donated)

    Donate $20 or more

    • All of the above
    • A custom-made "backer" theme for OpenBullet 2

    Donate $60 or more

    • All of the above
    • Access to a private discord server which has a bot that allows you to pre-compile your configs to DLL (so they can be obfuscated)

    You can donate to one of the following addresses
    ETH: 0xc22116Bcf6c30977bEdFcc03C5B6aAe90B0fD179
    BCH: qq02mrtdp454g2zdu534ndpu7jgcr3tvavyzs60m3p

    There is a widget on the homepage of the forum which will display the status of the donations towards the goal. It only automatically tracks BTC funds but I will make sure to manually add the amount donated using other cryptocurrencies (converting them to their BTC equivalent around the time of donation).

    Once you donated, shoot me a DM here on the forum (or send an email to ruri (at) openbullet [dot] dev) with a link to the transaction and I'll add you to the list of backers.

    If you donated more than $10, please let me know about the name you want to be credited as in the about section of the application (no self-advertisement or offensive/illegal names of any kind, I reserve myself the right to reject your name of choice if I find it unsuitable to be added to the code of the official repo). You should also provide some alternative way to reach you (preferably a discord tag or email address) in case I cannot contact you on the forum once the open beta period starts and the backer rewards will be given out.

    Once the goal has been reached, within a few days, the Beta stage will start.

    The beta stage is in turn divided into 2 sub-stages:

    • Closed Beta, during which only a few people will be invited to test the software privately. This is done in order to have a fresh point of view from people who never used the software and that can contribute to fix and change the last things before opening it to the general public.

    • Open Beta, when the repository will be made public on github. Bugs will be fixed free of charge during the open beta period until the software reaches a Release stage.

    I also created a new forum for the community over here (registrations will be available as soon as the open beta stage begins). This forum will still be online in read-only mode for some months after the new one goes live, but I won't be providing any support for OpenBullet 2 on here.

    Q) Can I apply to become a Closed Beta tester?
    A) No, you can't. There is a very small list of people who I personally trust enough to have early access to the builds, in order to prevent leaks of unofficial builds before the Open Beta stage.

    Q) How long is the closed beta period going to last?
    A) It's going to last roughly 1 month, with the deadline being April 1st (2nd anniversary of OpenBullet 1).

    Q) Will I be able to donate money for perks after the crowdfunding campaign is over?
    A) Yes, but the minimum donation amounts will be increased.

    If you have any more questions make sure to open a topic and I will reply ASAP!

    Thank you for your support and, as always,
    stay awesome


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    Just to update everyone about this, I wanted to say that the goal has been reached (mostly thanks to Ffaez donating the entire sum) and the Closed Beta test has already started. You can still pledge in order to access the rewards to give everyone the possibility to get them and not leave anyone out. Rewards will be given out when Open Beta starts, stay tuned for more information!

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    Open Beta will most likely start next week so fasten your seatbelts because you're in for a brand new ride very soon!

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    The campaign has ended and donations are now closed due to the fact that open beta will start later today.

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