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Cloudfare captcha to continue problem

  • Basically I have this problem and I need to fix it asap, on the browser I don't have this thing so I can't just get the captcha info and put a captcha block so I need to do something else please respond I need help ASAP

  • Wait for OB2. Most of the bypasses are basically time consuming and/or useless.
    Cloudflare also has version, it depends on which version your website is working on, that you may be able to get a way around it or not.

  • Admin

    I never said that OB2 will have a new cloudflare bypass btw, just so we're clear. I said "maybe" and "probably" but by the look of things I'd say to not get your hopes up guys 😕

  • @Ruri at least it would be much easier to work with, <ommited> gives us more flexibility y'know. ^^

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