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Global Ban (/Retry) Keys

  • welp, in here i wanna know pretty much everything about global ban keys:
    how to specify them? is every line one key?
    if so, then how do i specify multiline keys?
    do the keys have to be constants or are certain wildcards available?
    is it possible to use a matching regex as key?
    what are the keys applied to? just <SOURCE>? or are headers/cookies/address/... searched too?
    so far a short trip to google could only clarify that GBKs are checked before the actual (local) keycheck,
    which totally makes sense in case of false positives.

  • Admin

    Global ban keys are one per line, correct.
    There is no way to specify multiline keys, or wildcards, regex or other fields, it's just meant to be a very simple way to detect if a proxy has a captive portal / restricted access.
    Anyways, I would not mind to expand this with more functionality if you show me some interesting use cases, so feel free to create an issue on github about it.

  • great, that's good to know!
    well, i'm just getting started working with GBKs so i just wanted to know what options are at my disposal.
    but if i find some nice examples where wildcards/regex come in handy i'm sure to open an issue on git 😉
    thanks @Ruri

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