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encrypted post request data (adyen in this case)

  • so i'm pretty new to using openbullet, and recently i've stumbled upon some sites which encrypt their form data in order to secure the user's data.
    one of them was running a javascript by adyen (has versions can't remember which one this case was) so i thought maybe i can work my way around it by somehow encrypting my raw data and then sending their encrypted values in the post request by maybe executing a javascript in ob or hosting the script or making an api off of it, i just don't know where to start (i lack so much knowledge when it comes to programming languages, but working on it), i would appreciate any hand or suggestion here so we all learn some stuff ye know maybe some other ppl are facing the same case! thanks for reading 😃

  • @Fant64ez You have 3 methods:

    • 1 - Study C# and make you plugin to make the cryptograph.

    • 2 - Make a reverse code in the code to see how he make the cryptograph

    • 3 - Pay another people to make this for you( ❤ in this case tell me in DM.)

    Links to help you:
    Example of Plugin:
    The best cryptography library to C#:

    Note: In javascript you can use the Crypto library.

  • @ManoPlayBRL thanks for the reply and the nice manner of handing over ur suggestions, appreciate the help ❤

  • I hope this helps 🙂