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Same names in header variables

  • Banned

    I'm trying to get the return from the openbullet header, but I'm having a problem because in the return comes several names the same and the system returns me only the last one

    alt text

    I just need to access the last one that comes in the header return.

    before they send me to read the article I already read and tested the LSIT methods {} also returns only the last one and <DICT {}> I couldn't make it work

  • Admin

    X-Set-Cookie will make it end up in the COOKIES dictionary

  • Banned

    is a header parameter, where the information x-set-cookie comes from and as seen in the image it comes in as if it were a vector and I can't access example:
    <HEADER (X-Set-Cookie [1])>

    can someone help me?

  • Admin

    I said you can do <COOKIES(name-of-cookie)> to get it, you don't have X-Set-Cookie headers in your HEADERS dictionary because they are removed and added to the COOKIES dictionary automatically.

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