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Config working with debugger, But not in runner

  • Hey,

    So title says it all really, The config works in the debugger,, it only works with "Credentials" type of input, but when I try the same user:pass combo in the runner, it gives me fail. i've tried and changed the "Allowed Wordlist Types" in the Other options tab, but still nothing, I have a feeling I need to change something in the ini file but not sure what, anyone else run into this problem?

    The request being made in the runner
    So my initial hypothesis was right (The image is the request being made by the runner), anyone got any suggestions

    EDIT2: I found an old Enviroment.ini I had laying around, and copied that to overwrite my previous one and it worked!

  • was about to suggest about the environment file, but it seemed that you did figure it out already XD

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