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OB captcha correct but still ask to confirm if not a robot

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    Im making a checker with a recaptcha verification in the login oke
    I got everything right in my post , all the variables needed
    Even the g- recaptcha looooong code
    But its stills says « please confirm youre not a robot» after i do the post login.. i don't get it and i know that the g-response is correct because it worked with all the demos on

  • provide the HTTP response along with the cookies (Cookies of the request and response) |HIDE THE URLs|
    probably there is Incapsula or a security not related to reCaptcha.

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    This post is deleted!

  • kek i bet he was credential stuff bad bad man

  • Sharing any website in Plaintext or Encrypted text is breaking the rules of the forum. This ain't a hacking/cracking forum and no one should use credential stuffing/penetration testing on websites they don't own. Unless they have a written form permission to perform such actions from the website owners.

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