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Openbullet 1.2.2 recaptcha error

  • Hello everyone!

    I am using since few days the OB 1.2.2.

    Used to use th OB 1.2 with <RECAP> variable for the sites which use recaptcha.

    The captcha solving service i use is the capmonster pro professional, paid one, not any cracked version.

    The normal captchas works fine but i am getting stuck with the recaptcha sites.

    I made a configuration, where i'm constantly getting an error:



    I tried making this same configuration in OB 1.2 and it works fine.

    And if i debug this configuration without any proxies in capmonster pro, then it also works fine with OB 1.2.2.

    Did anyone face this issue?

    What could be the problem?

    Thankyou in advance.

  • Ok, this helped me solving this issue. Too many retires but i am also using public proxies.

    KEYCHAIN Retry OR 
        KEY "<SOLUTION>" DoesNotExist

    Add this after the SOLVE CAPTCHA block.

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