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OB Crashed cuz of big data in Openbullet.db , any Solution ?

  • Hello Guys
    i get openbullet crashed cuz of a big data stored in Openbullet.db , so please i need a help for open this sh*t , i try to open it with litedb but crashed too so can i split it ? or something like this ??

  • Admin

    It's gone. You should have made a backup. OB2 will use a better DB so hopefully this issue won't be there anymore.

  • Donator

    @xSUNMANx I haven't found a solution to the problem, but I have solutions to stop the problem from happening again,

    • Removes duplicates
    • Delete Free/To check/2FA when you don't need it
    • shrink of your DB from time to time, Tools>Database, do so as well once you apply the tips just above.
    • Uses foncton "Save hits to a text file instead of DB (the output
      can be found in the Hits/ConfigName folder)" Config>Other Options, when you see that your OB takes a long time to open up

  • @Ruri
    Thank You For The Feedback Sir ,
    My Problem Resolved By removing some unusable DB from litedb viewer 4 , can everyone try it by following this steps :

    1 - Go to install litedb from Here :
    2 - Open it and chose the file Openbullet.db
    3 -
    4 - Force Terminate the open process form task manager
    5 - Congratulation.

  • @4LPHA
    Thank You bruh , u can see the reply , my problem resolved .

  • Admin

    @xSUNMANx I think you're the first person ever to figure out how to fix this issue. Congrats and thanks for sharing the solution with us!

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