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Has anyone encountered such a problem that when using a proxy, requests are sent incorrectly.

  • I am testing my website, I generated a token for authorizations. If you use the config without proxies, then the requests are successfully sent and a response comes from the server that everything is in order, but if you use proxies (for example, public). I send the exact same request with the same token, but the server response is sent that it is not valid. I have a guess. I store user data in cookies and sessions. Perhaps, with indulgent requests from that proxy, the token was preserved in the past. If so, how do I clear the cookies?

  • Admin

    Some proxies reshape the HTTP traffic, they might add headers etc.
    Test them against httpbin and see for yourself what the server receives.

  • @Ruri Yes, I saw, is it possible to check request headers through OB somehow and if there is some kind of match, replace the proxy?

  • Admin

    You could check them against httpbin first and then delete the ones that aren't working ^_^

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