how can i make this

  • IF "<PASS>" Contains "LETTERS" in case a b c d e etc

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    Other Options > Data > Add a rule, slice name is PASS and then choose MustNotContain and type all letters you don't want it to contain abcdef...

  • I liked it however I wanted to implement it in a password separator by size and when I put a size 6 password it returns success but when I put a size 6 password with letters it also returns success Is there any way to fix this? if you don’t have it I don’t care because it was very good the only problem was this.

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    I don't understand what you're saying, make some examples of which passwords should pass and which should not pass.

  • 65412E that should not pass
    654126 that should pass
    but both get successful and i just want the 654126 one

  • This shall work

    BEGIN SCRIPT JavaScript
    var has = !!PASS.match(/[a-zA-Z]/);
    END SCRIPT -> VARS "has"
      KEYCHAIN Failure OR 
        KEY "<has>" EqualTo "true" 

  • @tiolxpe You have 2 methods for this:

    • Use regex:
      KEYCHAIN Failure OR 
        KEY "<PASS>" MatchesRegex "[A-z]+" 



    • Go to: Other Options -> Data -> Add Rule
      In Slice name your put PASS
      and select MustNotContain with the parameter Lowercase and Uppercase


    If the PASS contain any Letter the runner will ignore the input and select this to fail.


  • Thanks for you all, Fairy method worked well regex worked well too 😉

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