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  • I can use AES/CBC/PKCS5Padding in openbullet?

  • Admin

    I'm pretty sure you can, in the AESEncrypt block, no?

  • OB has PKCS7 Padding

    The difference between the PKCS#5 and PKCS#7 padding mechanisms is the block size; PKCS#5 padding is defined for 8-byte block sizes, PKCS#7 padding would work for any block size from 1 to 255 bytes.

    So fundamentally PKCS#5 padding is a subset of PKCS#7 padding for 8 byte block sizes.
    Many cryptographic libraries use an identifier indicating PKCS#5 or PKCS#7 to define the same padding mechanism. The identifier should indicate PKCS#7 if block sizes other than 8 are used within the calculation

    Based on this, using PKCS7 for AES Encryption can differ from the use of PKCS5 Padding, especially if the identifiers do not need sizes other than 8 Bytes.

    I would really want to see PKCS5 Padding mode for AES Encryption/ Decryption added to OB2

  • Admin

    @Fairy maybe open an issue about it when I release OB2 and I will add it thanks ^_^

  • @Fairy Since OB2 is yet to launch, would implementing PKCS5 in OB be difficult? how much would you do that for?

  • Admin

    We are on a tight schedule and we don't accept new feature requests at the moment as we're only focused on bug fixing for the things that are already implemented. Maybe Fairy will make a plugin or an OB mod for it but otherwise just wait for OB2 release and then open an issue. Or ya know you can always use the shell plugin + an external python program to get it done.

  • @ManoPlayBRL
    I was able to make it as a python script with shell plugin.
    I'll definitely open an issue once OB2 is released. Thank you for the hard work @Ruri you really are awesome.

  • @Fairy I'll call you in private.

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