OpenBullet 2 alpha preview

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    Hey everyone,
    I think an update on the current state of the applications was long due...

    How much is left to do?
    All the major features are already implemented so now it's only a matter of bug fixing, UI improvements, additional documentation, and A LOT of testing! I cannot tell you for sure how long this will take, but hopefully we will be able to finish in the next 1 to 2 months.

    What comes after the alpha?
    After all the stuff mentioned above is finished, we will start a crowdfunding campaign that will fund the initial release of the application. The application will be released as an open source project on github with MIT license, but people who donate will be able to get some nice perks (in addition to supporting the project). After the crowdfunding, there will be a closed beta phase and then an open beta for everybody else, which will be initially updated for free.

    Now enjoy the screenshots ^_^

    The new homepage

    The job manager

    Creating a new Multi Run Job

    Running a Multi Run Job

    The config manager (alternative view)

    The LoliCode editor (intermediate language between blocks and C#)

    The guests administration page

    The plugin system (similar to OB1, but now it's much easier to write plugins)

    Some config settings

    Live theme changing feature

    Stay awesome,


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    Ah I also wanted to add that I made it responsive so that it works even if you're accessing OpenBullet 2 from your mobile devices (although making configs with your mobile is probably not the best user experience ever ^.^).

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