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How to see request cookies

  • I am making a config that filters certain accounts. In order to do so, it has to see the request cookies - as the accounts I'm trying to filter out do not contain certain request cookies.

    Through openbullet I have only been able to see response cookies, and nobody I ask seems to know how I can see request cookies. If you know how I can, or if it's not possible via openbullet; please lmk

  • Admin

    The cookies are a container, and cookies are ADDED to it both upon response and when you specify custom cookies to send on requests. They are never deleted, so as long as you type <COOKIES(name)> you should get the cookie you're looking for from the container. You can pair this with Exists in order to see if the cookie exists or not.

  • @Ruri ah, but the thing is i can't specify it on request, it determines the cookies after logging in and i need to see the extra cookie for the accounts i want to keep

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