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Parsing Using LR

  • Hello!

    I am pretty new to this OB software, used to use sentry mba till now.

                                        <a href="/product/289" class="mdlTxt-box">
                                            <span class="mdlTB-lft">
                                                <span class="clb-rdSn2">Click here to enter</span>
                                            <span class="mdlTB-rgt">
                                                <span class="mblTBr-in mbltbriTckMn">
                                                    <span class="mbltbri-tick"><img src

    So, here is my question, how would you parse the word PARSE from the above source code? I'm aware that by using <strong> and </strong> it would be parsed but i need to parse it with <span class="mdlTB-lft"> <strong> and then </strong>.

    In MBA i would have parsed it <span class="mdlTB-lft">*<strong> and then </strong>.But it doesn't work in OB,so, could you please help me with this.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Use regex to parse

  • Admin

    Use a css selector, I have a guide on this.
    Basically something like this SHOULD work (I didn't test it)
    [href*=product] span.mdlTB-lft strong as selector and innerHTML as attribute

  • Thanks to both of you, i used the one from @mega_1.

    Thanks @Ruri for the guide too.

    Kind regards.

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