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Parse dynamic string from ADDRESS

  • Hello there,
    First I'd like to wish you an Happy New Year specially to Ruri who did a great job.

    So my problem:
    Basically there is a dynamic string that is changing based on IP address and changes everyday at a specific time.
    I managed with LS to parse different ID depending on Proxy used.
    But, it won't change the fact that I have to change the ID everyday manually at a specific time (5am...)
    My idea, was actually with LS whenever it meets the error when parsing the wrong id to use Selenium to retrieve it, but 2 problems:

    • Can't use Proxy Auth on Selenium (but kind of manageable with workarounds)
    • The ID is being parsed into the address when doing a request (as post), so basically it will not appear into SOURCE and its actually a push (I can see it in my browser DevTools Network), that triggers a redirect, so getting the last ADDRESS will not work.

    Any suggestion would be appricated.
    Thanks again and sorry to post that today...
    Stay safe guys.

  • Send an Example String of what you want to Capture

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