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2 captchas at the same page

  • Hey ruri, i wanted to ask ya something, let's say i'm using 2 recaptcha blocks because the site has 1 invisible recap, and 1 normal recap.
    Both variables will be named SOLUTION and hence i can just use 1 token solution, is there any fix to this?

  • The 2 Captchas doesn't require 2 Blocks at all as far as I know, it's V3 ReCaptcha. At first it works Invisibly depending upon the Traffic of your IP and the No. of Times you used your IP for Login and if That's the Case it Triggers an Image/Push Button to Verify ReCaptcha. The ReCaptcha Key for a Particular Site is always Same.

  • @spyderzzz
    Thing is this site is using 2 diff site keys.

  • Exceptional Site oof . you need to reasearch on which recap token is being used during which condition and put tokens accordingly.

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