Help with this complicated post data

  • Hello everyone
    i cant figure it out how to do this post data, it seems the hash type of the username and password is written in front of them with every atempt.

    ci_csrf_token: c130e4ce948d92806ce6d3be9897c3ac
    e0f4b2fdee409d36cee8839ce1848675: love    " this is the username"
    5637065ec46ef3dd8fc31bd3112331d6: like      "this is the password"
    stamp: 1609277690
    type: user

    now i dont know what to use for e0f4b2fdee409d36cee8839ce1848675: and 5637065ec46ef3dd8fc31bd3112331d6:
    normally the first one is email/username and the second one is password.
    but here this values keep changing with every username and password.
    Thank you in advance

  • These values are encrypted. Use function block to encrypt your values

  • These are Salted Hash , most prolly MD5 Hash, do find the Salt and Use FUNCTION Hash on your Input to get values like this

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