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Help with parsing a value

  • Hello,

    I want to parse a specific value (being the account balance) but the problem I have having is i'm trying to input the left and right string however there is multiple times the string comes up.

    The code is like this:

    <div class="clm--highlight-label ">Available<br>Credit</div>
            <div class="clm--highlight-container">
                <hr class="clm--highlight-separation-line  " />
                <div class="clm--highlight-amount">£00.50</div>
                    <div class="clm--highlight-payment-date"></div>

    However when I put this bit of code to the left:

            <div class="clm--highlight-container">
                <hr class="clm--highlight-separation-line  " />
                <div class="clm--highlight-amount">

    It will give me "Could not parse any data. The variable was not created."

    I feel like its because I'm trying to put in multiple lines of code on the left however the reason for that is because up until the line with "Available<br>Credit" the classes have been reused hence why I cant just used the line with the balance.

    If someone could help me it would really be great as this has been bugging me for a while now.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Can anyone help me?

  • Create the main parse block with L: <div class="clm--highlight-container"> and R: </div>
    Then create a new block, change the source to the name of the previous block ie <name_of_block>, and try to parse it

  • to capture balance

    PARSE "<SOURCE>" REGEX "<div class=\"clm--highlight-amount\">(.[^<]*)" "[1]" CreateEmpty=FALSE -> CAP "balance" 

  • @BULMADB This gets a balance but not the Available credit..

  • @d2g4z where is the value of the credit you want to capture?

    <div class="clm--highlight-label ">Available<br>Credit</div>

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