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Selenium Capture Problem

  • Hello,
    I just started today making my first selenium config but i don't understand why i'm getting the same capture for all my combo, i mean, it's repeated parse but fake

    Example :

    alt text

    Those captures are fake, i get those 190+190, 4415+4415, 4220+4220, why am i getting these fake captured points?
    Only the first are real, then it gets repeated over and over
    I'm using proxyless but i don't understand why it happens

    This is the source code if anything is missing :

    BROWSERACTION ClearCookies 
    NAVIGATE "https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" 20 BanOnTimeout=FALSE 
    ELEMENTACTION XPath "//*[@id=\"email\"]" 
      SendKeysHuman "<USER>" 
    ELEMENTACTION XPath "//*[@id=\"password\"]" 
      SendKeysHuman "<PASS>" 
    FUNCTION Delay "2000" 
    EXECUTEJS "document.getElementById(\"LoginButton\").click()" 
    FUNCTION Delay "4000" 
    FUNCTION Delay "5000" 
    PARSE "<SOURCE>" LR "\"><div class=\"navmenu__auth-pts h5\">" "PTS" -> CAP "Points" 

    Thanks a lot!

  • Donator

    it looks like when a bot finishes it still uses the same session for the site you are doing the automation. Clearing cookies could help if the session is stored in a cookie or you need to logout if you dont want to close and start a browser instance everytime your bot finishes with the task

    Kind Regards

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