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  • The Runner, with remote proxies, goes into INITIALIZING status with the alive proxies progressively disappearing and without reloading until reaching 0. The last Runner proxy ends with status <<< FINISHED WITH RESULT: ERROR >>>.
    A piece of information that I want to contribute because it may be the cause of the problem (Too many bots?).
    Config Bots: 190

  • You should go to Config -> Editor -> and Test your Proxie There. See if it even Works.

  • I can't find that path in OpenBullet 1.4.4 [Anomaly]. I would be grateful if you could explain it to me more exactly.

    You do not know how to go to your CONFIGS??

    First of all, are you trying to USE one of those CRACK'er SCRIPTS??
    Those arnt editable if they are being loaded from the REPO.

    alt text

    alt text

  • I still don't understand your answer to my question. I am using remote proxies that consist of a series of URLs that contain proxies that are updated each time these URLs do.
    These proxies work correctly for a certain time but there comes a time when the Alive proxies are not updated until they all disappear, the Runner stopping even if it does not indicate it, since in the upper right box it continues to indicate STOP.

  • You've to wait for ob v2, this version has some issues to import remote proxies

  • When will OpenBullet v2 be released?

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