Openbullet API problem

  • Hi everyone !
    I have a problem with

    When i type dotnet ./OpenBulletAPI.dll and im going to http://localhost:5000 i have this

    alt text

    ive been trying this

    alt text
    but still not working

    i can make a donation if someone can explain to me how to make this work
    alt text

    ty !

  • Admin

    You didn't comment out that line, otherwise it would be working. You need to do "publish" not "build" in order to get a working application. Then you can find it under Release/netcoreappsomething/publish. If you still have trouble, post a screenshot of your Program.cs file.

  • Pozdrav kako napraviti mac config za openbullet

  • Admin

    Also you could change that line to say .UseUrls("http://*:5000") it should work for both localhost and remote.

  • Hi @Ruri I get this error with your tutorial :

    D:\OpenBulletAPI\bin\Release\netcoreapp2.2> dotnet OpenBulletAPI.dll

    Unhandled Exception: System.MissingMethodException: Entry point not found in assembly 'OpenBulletAPI, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'.

    Can you help me please.

    PS :
    I published and builded, I did both but it gives me the same error

    EDIT : Can you just build the version with the line commented please ? I tryed to resolve my issue for like 4 hours and no success.

  • Admin

    Hey, you can avoid uncommenting the line and whatnot, just launch the api through dotnet OpenBulletAPI.dll --urls "http://*.*:5000"

  • Hey thanks ! It works now but I still have issues with the API. I run the API but when I want to access it, it replies me in HTTPS and I can't access it.

    Even with the Admin Panel, it fails to contact the API because it can't establish a secured canal in SSL/TLS.

  • Admin

    yes, if you launch it with that URL it will only work on http, if you want https you should do something like dotnet OpenBulletAPI.dll --urls "https://*.*:5001" (I configured http con port 5000 and https on port 5001).

  • @Ruri Yes but in fact I don't want HTTPS. I launch it in HTTP but I get HTTPS when I access it in my browser, it's strange.

  • Admin

    I think chrome enforces HTTPS everywhere as a security measure, why are you trying to access the API in your browser anyways? It's not like there's anything to see, you should only access it via OB Admin Panel and the OB client itself.

  • Yes but the I can't "Refresh" in the Admin Panel to add new Users.
    Because it can't access the api due to SSL/TLS issue

    Got this warning btw :
    warn: Microsoft.AspNetCore.HttpsPolicy.HttpsRedirectionMiddleware[3]
    Failed to determine the https port for redirect.

  • Admin

    That is just a warning. Can you please show me what you put in your Admin Panel as the endpoint? (Blur out your password if needed)

  • @Ruri d6f89b72-a909-4a0e-9914-053a73f76ee7-image.png
    Is this what you asked ?

  • Admin

    Ok that is REALLY weird, why would it throw an SSL error when you are doing everything over HTTP? I don't understand, do you have something that is enforcing every HTTP request on your system to be upgraded to HTTPS?

  • No I don't think so. I'll try on a Linux VM to see if it changes anything

  • Admin

    Yeah go ahead, on a Linux VM you can't run the admin panel though so I think if you run it from your pc it's still going to be the same error

  • Hey if you have teamviewer i can help you with this.

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