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Recaptcha problem...

  • Hello,

    I still have a recaptcha problem .... This concerns sites in the same group. For some the post contains: g-recaptcha-response but for others: googleReCaptchaResponse and it's json. In this case either the recaptcha is resolved but an error message says: Recaptcha verificationfailed. "," field ":" googlerecaptchaResponse or it is not resolved with in the case of deathbycaptcha: Could not solve the captcha! An exception of type 'CaptchaSharp.Exceptions.TaskSolutionException' was lifted. and in the case of capmonster: Could not solve the captcha! ERROR_RECAPTCHA_INVALID_DOMAIN In both cases the response is: code 400 bad request.
    Thanks for your help

  • Sorry it was a problem with recaptcha key...

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