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Combing 2 logins

  • Goodmorning...As the topic state is it even possible to have 1 config wich will extract 2 logins...Like the after the first login it will continue to get the second one...the logins could be anything...

    For example...the first one will get the user:pass and the second one will get the email...Thanks in advance...Appreciated the help

  • I think this is not possible then...???

  • Depends on how the website works. Let say first login is user:pass and after have logged in you have a json response in which you've mail address, then you can extract it there. If it's a html response you've to find the right place where you can get the mail linked to the user

  • @L4roy....Appreciated....What would be the coding this in 1 config besides having to run 2 configs...

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