Wordlist and Count

  • Good Afternoon,
    Is it possible to show the wordlist and the countnumber when you stopped the runner. For example:

    Wordlist = .......... Stopped at: 12345

    Thanks in advance...Appreciated.

  • Thats already a feature

  • Admin

    Isn't the starting point at the top already at the point where it stopped? Or just reload the same config-wordlist pair and you should see it. It's saved to the DB in the Records collection

  • Sorry...My mistake... What i meant is the show in a variable or on the Output List...Just like the Option <PROXY>...

  • Do you know some regex? Follow this and try to add your regex which will allow openbullet to be able to handle your file and make it as a wordlist file.
    Settings -> Environement file. Open it and then:

    If youre using a seprator, you can define that too by using Separator=yoursep

  • Hi @L4roy ...Regex is not the best part of knowlegde yet...still learning....My wordlist contains no number...only letters...i will give it a try by searching on the internet...thanks for your help also...Appreciated...

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