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so i wanted to know how to filter stuff depending on stuff it captures

  • so basically what i mean is like
    lets say corona virus cases are 50 in an country
    so thats what my code is capturing just 50 and the country name example: usa

    data we have is:

    what i want it to do is so like it filters that in a text file only usa one
    i made this but its not working like i want

    IF "<cases>" GreaterThan "40"

    utility block here

    ENDIF "<cases>" LessThan "61"

    so cases above 61 should be ignored thats what i wanna do that its not doing rn
    any ideas on what to do?
    also rn its not filtering using country i want it doing that to so like double checks before it saves them

  • ah so kinda made this that works
    not sure if its the way still if someone can help me a bit thats helpful

    #region FUNCTION Constant "euro" -> VAR "region"

    #cases FUNCTION Constant "5" -> VAR "cases"

    IF "<cases>" GreaterThan "1"
    IF "<cases>" LessThan "11"
    IF "<region>" EqualTo "usa"

    FUNCTION Constant "yes" -> CAP "working?"


  • so ah that code above is making it so as long as its a usa one it will go on wont check if its greaterthen 1 and less then 10

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