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does anyone could help with this error meaning, can't use OB after that message

  • Screenshot_1.png

  • Admin

    Database error, there is a duplicate ID. Maybe see if you can solve with some LiteDB v4 viewer.

  • Admin

    I think it's an issue with the randomize function that generates the Guid, it probably got 2 hits at the same exact moment and generated the same value (because 2 threads called the same method at the same time). Does it happen every time? Does your config get a lot of hits at the same time?
    The other option would be that 2 identical GUIDs were generated at different times, and I think it's more likely that the sun will explode tomorrow and teleport all of us into an isekai world with only anime waifus running around naked.

  • yes I was away, when I returned I found 2 hits wit that error, I relunch OB and after some test that error show up every try btw I using 1.3.2 anom version it old one, should I update new ob ?

  • Admin

    That version is not official so maybe it has this bug. I recommend backing up and deleting the DB and switching to official 1.2.2 version. Remember to copy your Environment file to the new version.

  • thank you for u help ruri

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