Execute IF statement based on the result of a keycheck

  • @Ruri
    didn't want to open a new topic, since you're already explaining "set status" here.
    just a quick follow up question:
    is it possible to set a "tocheck" status?
    i tried


    but that was invalid.
    or will i have to use a custom status for that?

    i think it would be helpful for debugging work, since you could easily evade the ban loop without having to change ban loop evasion-settings.

  • Admin

    @l2aze-Em TOCHECK is actually called NONE. Bot status and final result of the check are sometimes named differently, that's a choice I made at the beginning of the project and could not change due to the impact it would have on existing configs.

  • @Ruri
    thanks for the reply.
    well... i kinda already knew about NONE.
    but if i change status to NONE - which IIRC is the bot's starting status anyway - the combo in question won't be sent directly to ToCheck ...right?!
    instead the rest of the config will be executed. no?
    so, seems like i will have to use a custom "tocheck" status for my debugging...
    would have loved to avoid this, since i already got a few custom status and being able to use the ToCheck-tab would have been an easier to spot red flag.
    welp, thanks nevertheless. ^^

  • Admin

    You can easily do this

    ... other blocks ...
    ## Dummy block that serves as hook for the jump
    #END Function Constant ""

  • ...ok...
    i think i'm confused now...
    can you explain to me how the ban loop works/what it does?
    cuz i thought it causes retries if the bot ends with the NONE status.
    so it's nice to have a jump to the end of the config
    ( btw. the dummy block is particular informative, as it would have taken me quiet some time to figure that out^^ )
    but the combo would still be retried (at least if i understood the banloop correctly).
    and to avoid any additional missunderstandings:
    i know about the ban loop evasion setting and that i could set it to a very low value (e.g. 1).
    thing is, i don't like having to change my global OB settings every time i'm debugging a config.

  • Admin

    The ban loop, for me is when a website replies with something e.g. "The item does not exist" that you did not put in a keycheck block. Anything that's not caught by the keys, is going to be marked for BAN (if the "ban if no key found" checkbox is checked of course). So that could mean an endless loop since the item does not exist regardless of what proxy is being used. Ban loop evasion is meant to interrupt that, so that the data can go to "To Check" and you can easily spot what happened through bot log inspection and add that key to the config so it doesn't happen again in the future.
    It's actually good to keep this setting on at all times, on a high value like 100.

  • In maybe simpler/other words:
    You get "invalid request" or something like that when you post special characters you haven't thought of when making the config and selected "ban if no key found" on Keycheck

    Before the Ban loop evasion:
    One or multiple lines from wordlist could "block" some bots with retrying and banning proxies.
    And you notice that the runner seems to get slower and slower over time and on start and resume it is fast again
    This is because these lines which are on a endless loop are then skipped...

    Now these go to ToCheck after the configured number of tries on the same linel

  • @Ruri @meinname
    thanks you two!
    sry for wasting your time! i'm a retard ~lol~
    but playing this whole thing through helped me understand what i have to do to get it to work ~yay~^^
    thanks again and sry for being stupid 😄

  • Admin

    @l2aze-Em everybody has to start somewhere, no problem! Feel free to ask anything, it's rather unusual to find someone as polite as you these days ^_^

  • @Ruri
    thanks for the compliment 😄
    well, i know how busy you guys must be, so i try to keep my stupidity to a minimum^^

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