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Invisible Captchas

  • Re: DeathByCaptcha Issue

    Hi, could you please try using the service again?

    Yesterday DBC was facing some server issues (as they posted on their website) that are now solved.

    So maybe that's why you got the issue, because:

    1. DBC does resolve invisible!!

    2. Below is how:


    Invisible recaptcha is working good with DeathByCaptcha

    Tested it on site:

    To test it yourself follow these steps:

    1. Find the site data-sitekey, in the case of

    2. Call DeathByCaptcha API to get the recaptcha result token using these parameters:
      'googlekey': '6LcmDCcUAAAAAL5QmnMvDFnfPTP4iCUYRk2MwC0-',
      'pageurl': ''

    3. After call the DeathByCaptcha API you will get a result, in my case it was:

    CAPTCHA 1353239899 solved:


    This long string is the google response token, we need to use it to be able to solve the captcha.

    1. Go back to the site
      and in the browser javascript console set the value of "g-recaptcha-response"
      In this case the command was:

    document.getElementById("g-recaptcha-response").value = '03AGdBq2576X_LyNRHel_D60oc9JrtVEcwVZt82f4RqFl9PqnZ7tJ1_AQjvHts_Et2S_CaNWKwuXs4LCnaZSmYtL484FqtB3VVzh3kDmalOgWOrYTfG31Upk9cA0EJ8QKcXODza2wgDVyEjuHjD_brxC1xlb2pDL-3IRVnESC-MGHvbYw53URI0QhdA-gW8SHtCZhfBTt8s16HntxyIz-bnk88OnMDs1f7ZoQdypylHawpH3-Y8blOv_INlWYmKqtSCW938ofGGRllqtnW0uYqEyKZiowbus8xGMv75zOl5knn-ZStHcIBdz9hRxL8_oXHSnDeX35BSz0kYCWeXhWFxN5rsreq17vMpvfwwdw07cfC1AQ7fq4bOT6reSL6MEp03wm1fczrmIsow2oaMAMWd_KInOV7S5IilG66AiKY2LP2DmLu_jIEvACcm39wVhleLBnDAwDH7w8biIGFd1CDLDyfyTbHkEL7Doh-3N8OzZ-agEcJgzj6GsnGEuXdHjbsQdQ-SacCSGYQY_uyUS4Ww0Uma_7urQKB8bW2OlnnEkQf0yJkxgKmyE4'

    Note we use the token whitout spaces

    1. After we set the "g-recaptcha-response" with the result token from DeathByCaptcha API, we need to trigger on the page, the action that verifies the recaptcha
      In this particular case this action is onSubmit() funcion.

    2. Call javascript:onSubmit(), calling this function makes the recaptcha verification and we can verify that is correct.


    1. reCAPTCHA user response token is valid for two minutes, and can only be verified once, this mean that we need to use the DeathByCaptcha token as fast as possible.

    2. The action that triggers the captcha verification is different on each site and we need to identify these actions to be able to solve the recaptcha.

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