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Save Hits to a text file

  • When saving a Hit in the UTILITY block, how do I tell it if the capture does not exist, that it does not record anything in the text file. For example:
    Variable Name: Save Hits
    Group: File
    Action: AppendLines
    Path: Hits.txt
    Input String: <USER>: <PASS> | VPN = <VPN> | PLAN = <PLAN> \ n =============================
    In the event that there is no capture
    VPN = <VPN>
    write down just
    <USER>: <PASS> | PLAN = <PLAN> \ n =============================

  • im not sure but i think you can disable on the capture parse the "Create empty" option and this is will fix your problem

  • I have already done that and it appears as I indicated before

  • Admin

    You can save hits to a text file instead of DB by selecting the related option in the config's Other Options > General page

  • Thanks Ruri for the explanation but I don't understand it. I don't know what DB is and what follows. I would appreciate a new explanation with clearer details if possible.

  • Admin

    Config > Edit > Other Options > General > Tick the last checkbox, the one that says to save directly on disk without saving to the database. You must be on latest 1.2.2 to have this feature, any other version won't work.

  • Thank you very much for the clarification. Now I just hope it works properly. Regards.

  • I ran into various problems. I was using a config with .anom extension and OpenBullet 1.2.2 uses .loli. What I did was change the extension by editing it. Then I also had to edit the Enviroment file and add the following:

    Name = MailPass
    Regex = ^ *. @. *:. * $
    Verify = True
    Separator =:
    Slices = USER, PASS

    In this way the configuration works as it did when I was using OpenBullet version 1.4.4 Anomaly but I still have the same problem from the beginning and I have the checkbox Save hits to a text file instead of DB (the output can be found in the Hits / ConfigName folder) as you indicate ticked. A solution is appreciated. Thank you.

  • Admin

    I was just suggesting a better way to write hits to file instead of db.
    For your specific issue, you can do something like

    IF "<VPN>" Exists
    SET VAR "TOWRITE" "<USER>: <PASS> | VPN = <VPN> | PLAN = <PLAN> \ n ============================="
    SET VAR "TOWRITE" "<USER>: <PASS> | PLAN = <PLAN> \ n ============================="

    and then only write <TOWRITE> to the text file.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I had problems with the LoliScript code but it was the subject of a quotation mark that I had not put. Now it works correctly. Thanks a lot.

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